Note:  This process is completely unauthorised.  Do not expect any assistance from Cisco TAC if you have problems.

1. Do a clean install of Windows 2000 Advanced Server


a. I used the disk from a CCM 3.3 install

b. Make sure you enable SNMP services

c.    Make sure you instal Terminal Services if you want to use remote access

2. Put the items below in a text file called, say, CCM.reg on the desktop

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




3. Double click on the file to add these items to the registry.

a. Run regedit to check that they were placed in the correct branches

4. Run the “Cisco IP Telephony Server OS_Upgrade” disk.

a. I used version 2000.2.7a

b. You may get an error “The Microsoft VM you are attempting to install is a protected system component and can only be updated with a later release of the operating system or service pack”

1. If so, just click “OK”

5. Run the CCM install

6. If you get an error “CreateProcess: Error: 2: The system cannot find the file specified.” Then look in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Cisco\Logs directory. You should find a file CCMInst mm-dd-yyyy

Look in the log for the above error to see what caused the error

a. In my case, it was:
iuRunCommand: szCmd_ = "C:\utils\shutdown.exe" /L /R /Y /T:0

7. Copy the missing file from somewhere else

a. In my case, I copied C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe from my Windows XP hard drive to the VM C:\utils directory.

b. Now the error went away, but the shutdown didn’t work, but the install didn’t “die” either. I just had to..

8. Restart the server manually

9. Run the CCM install again.

a. Once I still got an error about requiring Service Pack 3 or about – it should have happened in step 4 above.

1. If this happens, go back to step 4.

10. When you boot up the first time, the IIS services may not have started. Use the Services manager to change the following services to start automatically:

a. FTP Publishing Service

b. IIS Admin Service

c. World Wide Web Publishing service