VoIP Readiness Questionnaire

Existing Lines:

How many telephone lines do you currently use/pay for?

How many of these are reserved for INCOMING calls?

How many of these are reserved for FAX lines?

How many Telephone Numbers do you publicise? (Including fax)

Is changing any of these numbers possible? (How many)

How many simultaneous OUTGOING calls are you likely to make at one time?

(Note: I have formulas to help work this out if you are not sure)

How many of your lines are ISDN lines? (if known)

How many of your lines are ANALOGUE lines? (if known)


How many simultaneous calls do you want to be able to see/handle?

Do you use an operator to screen calls?

Do you require headsets? (How many? Wireless?)


Do you need to use the existing cabling system?

(requires Ethernet cabling and phones that can support PC connections)


Do you have a spare PP at each phone point or do you require Power Over Ethernet?

Requires purchase of PoE Switch

Internet Connection:

Speed Up/Down (You will require 100kb/s each direction per simultaneous call)

Technology - ADSL/DSL/Cable/...


Do you know what these features are, and do you use them?

Call forwarding

Call Park


Voicemail to email

Auto attendant (Press 1 for sales....etc)


Conference calls

Ring groups